What We Believe

Our Mission is to be the valued resource for individuals and families who are retired or who are preparing for retirement. We serve those who are more Main Street minded than Wall Street minded.

We believe in a common sense process that avoids complicated jargon. Our job is to help our clients understand their financial choices and offer options that work for them.

To do this, we believe we need to be worthy of our clients trust, not only financially, but in our personal relationships with them. We see ourselves as a family dedicated to helping other families. Our business is just a tool to that end.

We are committed to lifelong learning and professional development so we can bring the best ideas, products and resources to our client’s attention.

We know we can’t be all things to all people. We believe that if we can’t do something, or do it as well as our clients need done, we should say so and recommend those who can.

We believe that the most important things in life are not things. They are the people we love, the communities we are attached to and the generations that come after us.

We believe that money is a good servant and a poor master. While we strive to grow and preserve our client’s wealth and protect their standard of living, we also believe that real poverty consists of living only for ourselves and that true wealth is found in the dignity of serving others.

We believe that every client, regardless of the size of their account with us, is a unique individual who is worthy of our attention, respect and best efforts.

Finally, we believe that by doing our best for our clients we not only improve their lives, but we also contribute to the lives of those our clients come in contact with. We hope that by doing so, we are making the world a better place.